Cool Bars Soho


If you are searching cool bars in Soho then stop! Your search is over. No need to list out cool bars in Soho any more. This is your place to enjoy the best drinks and make your day super fun.

This is a blog about my recent birthday in Soho. I was sure that I really wanted to celebrate my 25th birthday with a lot of friends and by dancing all night.  I was on a quest. I listed a few Cool Bars in Soho to choose from a venue to host this big birthday bash.  I don’t know if you have tried looking for a venue in Soho, but it’s difficult!  They either are small and dark or very expensive and finding a Venue to celebrate your Birthday in Soho is very hard.  After nearly giving up, I came across a bar just off Carnaby Street, and magically I had found the Cool Bar in Soho!  Flare Carnaby, is this really quant bar, very unassuming, with a restaurant at street level but a great bar/nightclub downstairs?  The club downstairs can hold 250 people and they can divide the club for private parties.  I approached the Manager at Flare Carnaby, and he was very accommodating and friendly. He showed me around and explained how everything would work for my birthday party in the venue.  The price was very reasonable, and they did not charge me a room hire, instead, they gave me a great deal with a minimum spend. I invited 90 close friends and family, and the night was said by many; one of the best parties they had been to. We danced to great tunes, drank way too many cool cocktails, and don’t remember leaving the venue. I did it! I found the Best Bar in Soho, Flare Carnaby.